Scrap Yard In Basildon

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Welcome to our scrap yard page explaining about our car scrap yard in Basildon. We offer free collection to anyone looking to scrap their car as we are close by and can collect your car within the same day as calling. 

Your Probably thinking ” i need to scrap my car” well you are in the right place as we are one of the number one scrap yards in Basildon Essex. We put together three simple steps what is the the process that happens when your scrap a car this lets you understand further so you know what your doing and you see how easy and simple it is. You may have another thought “My car does not run” Don’t Worry, We take any car in any condition so if your have been involved in an accident or your car has been sitting in a garage for many years when can collect your car today for cash. 

Scrap Car Prices

Well there a many factors that go into how much we will give for your scrap car. We are only going list the major factors that will determine  the scrap car price you get from us. 

1.  Car Weight – This is a big factor as car are weighed off their weight. So the heavier the car the more you will get for it. Scrap Metal Prices varies throughout the year. It Can between £10 per ton to £100 per ton. 

2. Correct Paperwork – This is another one that would make us think twice about the price that we would give you. Our driver would have to request for documentation (E.g. V5) This will cost time and money as we have get in touch and get the documentation sent to us.  

How To Scrap Your Car In Our Scrap Yard

Step 1: Getting a quote is simple, There are three ways to get in contact we us – 1. You can call us on 01268 956 350 , 2. You can fill out a form and get a response within a hour, 3. You can email us at

 Step 2: Arranging collection is simple too. We will contact you after filling out a form or emailing us then we can arrange a time and data. Then we will get one of our drivers in Basildon to collect your car and give you the best money for your car. Our car collection service offers cash in hand at collection. 

Step 3: There are many things we may do when collecting your car. We may scrap your car fully complete as long as its fully complete with no parts missing Or We may try and finder and buyer for it if your car in roadworthy condition. Lastly we can sell parts of your scrap car and scrap the rest at a authorised treatment facility.