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Scrap car collection needed in basildon

if your looking for a scrap car removal service to scrap your unwanted car and you want a good price in return you may have found the jackpot. Scrap My Car Basildon can help you. We offer cash in hand at collection or maybe you like to use a bank transfer. We can do whatever is comfortable with you. All our drivers located in Basildon are the best of the best. Our drivers are professional and will making getting your car scrapped simple. 

Our car collection service and scrappage service is licensed and delivered in a professional manner to ensure the process of scrapping your car is hassle free. We operate 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday Hours – 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday Hours slightly different – 9 am to 4 pm. 

Remember we are just a phone call away – 01268 956 350 or please visit our get a quote page for more information getting in touch.   

The 3 simple steps to scrapping your car

Step 1: Getting a quote is simple, There are three ways to get in contact we us – 1. You can call us on 01268 956 350 , 2. You can fill out a form and get a response within a hour, 3. You can email us at 

Step 2: Arranging collection is simple too. We will contact you after filling out a form or emailing us then we can arrange a time and data. Then we will get one of our drivers in Basildon to collect your car and give you the best money for your car. Our car collection service offers cash in hand at collection.

Step 3: There are many things we may do when collecting your car. We may scrap your car fully complete as long as its fully complete with no parts missing Or We may try and finder and buyer for it if your car in roadworthy condition. Lastly we can sell parts of your scrap car and scrap the rest at a authorised treatment facility.

Why Use scrap my car basildon?

Best Prices Paid

we pay competitive prices to other companies in the basildon area.

No hidden fees

Some companies like to trick there customers into paying fee.

30 Years Of Experience

We have lots of experience compared to newer companies

Any Condition, Any Age. We will it.

We collect any scrap car whatever the age or condition.

Hassle Free/Efficient Service

We have 3 simple to scrapping your car easily with us

Free No Obligation Quote

Fill out a form with no ties to it.

01268 956 350


We always give our customers the best prices possible, but there are some factors in what money we give for a scrap car. Some Examples are Missing a catalyst converter, having no logbook or maybe there is no keys with the car. 

You will need to have the V5 with you when one of driver in Basildon collects your car, But if for some reason you don’t have them please tell  us either through form or over the phone.

Yes, we will get a driver to collect your scrap car from the postcode you provided us with. This is free of charge we our service.