Scrap my car basildon

Need to scrap your car? Call us today at 01268 956 350 for a quote 

Scrapping a car in basildon?

Well your in luck as we are a professional and efficient scrap car company collecting cars across Basildon for top money in the area. Whatever the condition make and model we will collect if off your hands for cash. Perhaps your car has been involved in a crash and is written or your car has been sitting in a garage collecting dust and its time to say goodbye and get some quick cash for your scrap car. Just Fill out a form or contact us today.

We operate our car scrapping Basildon service 7 days a week, Need to scrap your car for cash couldn’t be easier. No hidden involved, we are honest with our customers. As long as your car is described accurately described your vehicle you will get same price you got over the phone. 

Scrap My Car Basildon collection and scrappage service is fully licensed and is professional to ensure a smooth process when scrapping your car. We are registered with Environment Agency, so you can walk away with away with a peace of mind as we keep the environment in mind when scrapping a car.  

All of our drivers follow current car scrappage laws.

scrap my car basildon

The 3 simple steps to scrapping your car

Step 1: Getting a quote is simple, There are three ways to get in contact we us – 1. You can call us on 01268 956 350 , 2. You can fill out a form and get a response within a hour, 3. You can email us at 

Step 2: Arranging collection is simple too. We will contact you after filling out a form or emailing us then we can arrange a time and data. Then we will get one of our drivers in Basildon to collect your car and give you the best money for your car. Our car collection service offers cash in hand at collection.

Step 3: There are many things we may do when collecting your car. We may scrap your car fully complete as long as its fully complete with no parts missing Or We may try and finder and buyer for it if your car in roadworthy condition. Lastly we can sell parts of your scrap car and scrap the rest at a authorised treatment facility.

Why Use scrap my car basildon?

Best Prices Paid

we pay competitive prices to other companies in the basildon area.

No hidden fees

Some companies like to trick there customers into paying fee.

30 Years Of Experience

We have lots of experience compared to newer companies

Any Condition, Any Age. We will it.

We collect any scrap car whatever the age or condition.

Hassle Free/Efficient Service

We have 3 simple to scrapping your car easily with us

Free No Obligation Quote

Fill out a form with no ties to it.

01268 956 350

We Will Collect Your Car in Any Condition:

End Of Life

Non Runner

mot Failure


Need to scrap your car outside Basildon?

Please visit our partner site: Scrap My Car Essex as that’s our network for collecting scrap cars outside Basildon.