Process of scrapping a car

ITS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

We can scrap your car for best price in Basildon and surrounding areas. We can collect within the day of your phone call. Making it easier to scrap your car quickly and hassle free.

Over 1.5 million cars are scrapped every year. Whether customers are looking to upgrade their vehicle for a newer model, or find themselves facing expensive repairs after a car accident or failed MOT test, customers often end up without transport and stressed when faced with the hassle of having to dispose of the car, but that’s where our team come in

Step 1: Getting a quote is simple, There are three ways to get in contact we us – 1. You can call us on 01268 956 350 , 2. You can fill out a form and get a response within a hour, 3. You can email us at 

Step 2: Arranging collection is simple too. We will contact you after filling out a form or emailing us then we can arrange a time and data. Then we will get one of our drivers in Basildon to collect your car and give you the best money for your car. Our car collection service offers cash in hand at collection.

Step 3: There are many things we may do when collecting your car. We may scrap your car fully complete as long as its fully complete with no parts missing Or We may try and finder and buyer for it if your car in roadworthy condition. Lastly we can sell parts of your scrap car and scrap the rest at a authorised treatment facility.